Maja Sutkovic


Welcome to the LA ACTING ACADEMY. I am very proud to have founded and developed this wonderful school! 

I have put in place here in Phoenix, AZ a complete and continuous professional training program inspired from the great realistic acting studios in Los Angeles .

Whether you want to simply satisfy your curiosity or develop your passion, my team of trainers and myself offer classes and workshops to meet your needs. By offering you the possibility of long term training, you can increase your chances of becoming a realistic credible actor that will get noticed among the many actors who, as you, aspire to land roles in the film, television and commercials.The work of an actor is a craft, a profession, even a calling! This art form is my life passion and I am thrilled to be helping you achieve your dreams. 

We have created a trusting, reliable and safe place where you can work and learn with assurance and peace of mind from professional trainers who will support you in your process. You will learn to know yourself and develop a professional attitude and a realistic perspective in regards to this amazing craft! You will also have the possibility to exercise your art and reep the fruits of your work by participating in school showcase productions presented each year.

Whether you are a seasoned actor, an aspiring actor, or whether your are simply looking for a place where you can express yourself and come out of your shell, join us for an earnest and memorable experience! We commit to helping you become the artist you dream of being.

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